Darius M. Slaughter

Darius Slaughter is the author of Hostile: An Urban Tragedy, book one in the Hostile Series. A National Merit Scholar in journalism, Slaughter was challenged by his life of juggling college, two jobs, and parental issues. HOSTILE is the true account of overcoming life’s adversity in relationships, loss and tragedy. Slaughter’s talents, brains and will to survive eventually led him to success and opportunity. However, “the path less traveled,” came at a price and caused him to gamble with his life in his quest for Money, Power and Respect. Far from the fairy tale ride painted by some who seek to glorify the streets, readers are warned to beware the reality and emotions of his journey. Situations become supremely personal and intimate as Slaughter bares his soul to the world. He lives and works in Houston, Texas and enjoys participating in charity events with his service dog Doom when not working on his second book Hostile 2: Coming Home. Not for the weak of heart or closed minded. (Adult Content)


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